Sunday, 17 June 2012

Excess packaging on Father's Day

Today is Father's Day.  I bought my dad two packets of handkerchiefs, which came in a plastic box.  Now in those two plastic boxes, there was a piece of card to keep them standing up straight in the box.  In the hankies themselves, they each had a roll of card/paper to keep them standing up as a roll.  There were 5 hankies in each box. So that makes 10 pieces of paper, 2 pieces of card and two plastic boxes.  I had to throw away the plastic, as I didn't think I could recycle it.  But the other bits went for recycling.  Although most of it has gone for recycling, I still think that this was too much packaging.  I did make up for it in a way.  I put the boxes in a gift bag, but didn't sign the card on the bag so I can use it again and again, which I will do.

So, do you think this was too much packaging for two boxes of hankies? Let me know.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Changes to my eating over the years

I recently read in a Sainsbury's magazine an article about how food and how it is cooked has changed over the decades.  It asked people to email in to how their food has changed.  I thought this is a good ideas and replied.  Below is my reply:

In the 80s: breakfast was cereal such as rice crispies or Weetabix with milk. Lunch would be sandwich, yoghurt. Dinner would be fatty foods such as meat pies, pasties, meatballs, burgers. Desserts would be fruit pies, trifles.

In the 90s: breakfast was the same. Lunch was the same, too but dinners were changed to be more healthier due to my dad having major strokes, and finding out it was mainly due to high cholesterol. Out went the fatty dinnners, instead we had home-made chicken curry, spaghetti Bolognese, cold meats,casseroles. And we didn't have any desserts like before.  The curry ingredients changed too.  We first had potatoes and bread with it, then we cut out the potatoes.  Then we changed the bread to popadums, then finally out went the popadums. 

2000s: Another major change in my diet happened. I found I was interolerant to cow's milk, soya, fish and maybe wheat. I also changed my breakfasts to healthier versions. Instead of cereals I had different porridges: millet, quinoa and oats, which I heard about on the TV programme You are what you eat. I had these with fruit spread. These were made with oat milk. I also found goat's cheese and sheep's milk yoghurt. Out went snacking on biscuits, and instead I started snacking on nuts, seeds and dried dates. I gave up eating bread as sandwiches, after finding out I could be intolerant to wheat, and was getting fed up eating it every day by then. I started eating ryvitas instead. Dinners also changed, with a variety of new meals. These included: falafel, vegetarian sausages, houmous. This year I have discovered jacket potatoes and spices, which I have in a potato and chicken curry.  We now have two different curries.  One plain one with raisins in, and the new one with tinned tomatoes, spices, herbs and potatoes in.  I am preferring the latter one these days.

So overall, my diet has changed to a healther one over the years, for health reasons.

How has your diet changed over the years?  If it has, why?  Let me know.