Monday, 20 April 2015

Do food intolerance tests work?

I have had three different types of food intolerance tests done over the years, inc one the last couple of weeks, and I still don't know for sure. The first one I had done in Holland and Barrett's years ago and was an electrode test. Don't know how reliable that one was. Several years ago I had the pin prick test done twice, and I think that was a bit more reliable as it did come up with the fact I am intolerant to dairy. Recently I had a hair analysis test done. I'm even more unsure about that one. It came up with I am intolerant to wheat, which my body had told me was the case, but it also came up with that I am intolerant to yeast and things with yeast in like Marmite. This I'm not sure about even though I had been eating a bit of Marmite recently and all my gluten-free bread foods have yeast in, too. Also, it didn't come up with dairy, but ice cream and not butter, and I know for sure butter makes me ill. I know that I am intolerant to gluten, as foods with it in gives me stomach pains. So, what do I believe? Don't know anymore. What do you think? Have you had a food intolerance test that has made you wonder about it? Let me know.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

A dairy and gluten free Easter

Like everyone else, I did have chocolate Easter eggs for Easter, I also had hot cross buns, but they were all dairy and gluten free versions.

My mum had a job getting the hot cross buns. Sainsbury's didn't have any when we went last week, so she had to go to Tescos, and only found them hidden and upside down. She bought one pack, and we had one each, slightly grilled, with sunflower spread on. Yummy. Here is what Mum bought:

I was OK with the hot cross buns, although the cinnamon taste did repeat on me.

For the eggs, we bought them from Holland and Barrett's because they were doing special offers. The first offer was to buy one get one half price, so we did. Then we found that on the back of the receipt was another offer to get another egg half price. So, Mum bought another one, and got the same offer on the receipt that time, so bought another egg a day or so later. We ended up with two eggs each, sharing the individual chocolates between us with the last two. Here are the eggs that we bought.


They are both Choices chocolate. The left one had choc caramel cups in and the right one had choc discs in. The first two eggs we ate were the one with the discs in. They are made mainly from rice flour and rice syrup, and I wondered afterwards if that was why I had to visit a certain small room a few times a day when I ate them. Am now thinking that I can't eat processed/refined rice, but can only eat wholegrain and brown varieties. We shall see.