Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Gluten-free living

I don't know if you buy the Sainsbury's magazine, but in the recent issue there was a story of a woman who was diagnosed with colitis and had to give up eating foods with gluten in. She tells about her life with this and how she finally got her diet working. The article is called 'My Gluten-Free Life' by Victoria Young. Well, I read this and thought, let's write a letter to the magazine (something I do now and then). I won't put what I wrote here in case it does get published. Anyway, I received a personal letter from someone called Beatrice Moore. Here is her reply:

Dear Julie 

Thank you very much for taking the time to write in to us and letting us know your thoughts.

Fortunately, products and recipes seem to be getting better all the time. From the April issue we will be making all gluten-free recipes stand out with a 'GF' symbol, and we are checking these mentions against the Coeliac Society guidelines, so hopefully this will be more of a help to you as well. 

I hope you continue to enjoy the future issues of the magazine. 

Best wishes,

So, they are now making some of their recipes gluten-free and will mark it up as so. This is something that I have wanted for a while. I often read recipes in magazines, think that I love to make this one but can't because it has dairy or gluten in it. Hurrah. Well done, Sainsbury's.