Wednesday, 30 November 2011

I'm a happy recycling bunny

Why am I happy? Yesterday I got through the letterbox a local free magazine called Lewisham Life. In this wonderful magazine are three pages all about a 'big change in recycling' that is coming to our borough next week. I am so happy and excited about it. As from next Monday we will be able to recycle mixed plastics (which I've been taking to Sainsbury's), Tetrapaks (which my mum has been taking to a local recycling bank), crisp packets (which I've been sending in the post to an organisation) and so much more inc shredded paper. I can now see our green bin getting really full up, more so than our black bin, now and this is what is making me v happy. I was wondering if this would happen as earlier this year when I emailed the recycling people at our council they hinted to me that they were sorting something out, which they hoped to be started by the end of this year.
The only things that I feel I will be taking to Sainsbury's now are plastic containers that don't have numbers on but say they are recycleable with either the symbol on or the words and the symbol. Most of the plastics will now be going into our green bin. Hurrah. Mum and I will be going through it later to make sure what we can and can't recycle in to our green bin from Monday.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Free boxes

I've not been here recently as I've been promoting my first ebook, which you can read all about on my other blog. Anyway, my mum and I went to Homebase on Saturday. Mum wanted some more paint for the fence, some compost for the garden. As we were coming out after buying the products, I noticed by the wall a big cage with lots of empty boxes in. On the wall was a sign saying 'Please feel free to take any of our free boxes'. Wow, I thought this is a good idea. Wouldn't it be good if other stores did this, esp coming up to Xmas.
So do you know of any stores that have been giving out free boxes or any other goods customers could use? Let me know.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Sugars v sweeteners

I am finally here, talking about sugar and sweeteners and which are best for you. I did a post on my other blog sometime ago about this but can't remember what I wrote. Anyway, I am talking about sugars v sweeteners in cough sweets. I have an annoying cough at the moment (about 3 weeks now I think it is) and now and then have Lockets to soothe my throat. Lockets, and other cough sweets, all have sugar in. I also have herbal drops in my bedroom to suck during the night in case I get hungry or have a cough. Now these don't have sugar in but do have two sweeteners in: aspartame and acesculfame-K. I know that these two can have side effects to them. According to one of my health books aspartame may cause dizziness, blurred vision and migraine. A-K has cancer links. Just one of these may have effects but two? So what is better for you? One with lots of sugar in (it also has honey which is what soothes the throat), and one that can cause health problems. I am trying not to have too many Lockets because of the sugar in them, as there is another health reason why I am trying not to have too much sugar. More on that in another blog. Maybe next time I write about healthy eating. Let me know what you think. Sugar or sweeteners better for you?