Sunday, 31 July 2016

Another rant - Where are the Schar grissinis?

It appears to be happening again. When my mum and I find something we like and can eat (Mum has coeliac and I have gluten and dairy intolerances) we can't seem to find it in the shops after a while. This time it seems to be Schar's grissini (gluten free breadsticks). We like this as a snack, esp with either jam or dairy-free choc spread. We have looked in all three local Sainsbury's stores, and two of them didn't have a shelf label for it, and the other was empty. I posted a comment on one of Schar's Facebook posts the other day, and they said they are available in selected stores and on their website. So, I have ordered some from their online shop, but it costs more. In the shops the packets are £2.50 each, whereas online they are £2.69 and you have to pay p&p. So, when we go to the main Sainsbury's again we shall have a look for them there, which is where we got them in the first place.

I bought a packet of their gluten and dairy free cream crackers instead the other day, to try them. We shall see.

Will let you know if we find them again.