Monday, 7 May 2012

Get Your House in Order

This was a great TV programme which aired recently.  It showed people who collected things madly that it took over their houses so they couldn't move properly.  What they did was to get a dealer and an interior designer to help the person.  They put all the collections in a warehouse and got the person to get rid of most of it, where the dealer then helped the person to sell the stuff to raise money to get the designer to redecorate key rooms of the house.  The idea was to redecorate the house so the person wouldn't want to clutter the house up again.  It was a really good way of doing it, and got me thinking what I might have in the house that I either haven't used or worn in ages.  The answer was two pairs of trousers that I used to wear to work and were now too tight, some books and other things.  Most of these things have gone to a charity shop.  I feel there is still probably a lot that I have that I don't use or wear or want that I can give away.  I want to go through a box of writing magazines in my cupboard upstairs, so I can then replace it with a full one from downstairs.  That way I save money on box files, by emptying one to reuse when I need it.  Although I have decided I do want to buy another concertina file to put my Angel work in, and the folder I now use for it will house all my factual publications eg my reader letters as a portfolio.

So, have you got anything in your house that you either haven't worn or used for ages, that you think could be chucked out?  Let me know.  Let's get our houses in order!

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