Sunday, 26 October 2014

A week of being gluten-free

So, I've now been having a gluten-free diet for a week. How is it going? It has had its ups and downs this week so far. I seem to be OK eating gluten-free toast with sunflower spread and marmite on. I have millet porridge with rice milk. One time I had it this week I was OK the other I had slight stomach pains after it. Yesterday, I went out for lunch, having gone to a writing talk. I had a home-made burger and fries with onions. It could have been the burger or probably the onions, as I can react to onions sometimes, but afterwards whilst I was talking to another author I got stomach pains. I rubbed my stomach and tried to find mints I knew I had in my bag. I found them in the end and had one. My pains seemed to ease after that. This morning I had gluten-free cocoa rice like rice crispies with rice milk. Because I had stomach pains when I had them before I didn't have so many this time. I still got slight stomach pains but haven't had to go to the small room like I did last week. There is one thing that I have found I can't seem to eat now - fruit and nut bars called Nked bars. I had a mint flavoured one and an orange one on different days, and both times I got stomach pains after eating it. So, I now can't eat too much fruit and nuts in one go.

I have one more week to go on this diet. I am out for the day tomorrow so will take my own lunch with me and maybe buy a bag of crisps there. My next thing to try is to have cornflakes again but with rice milk. I will try that next weekend when I am not going out the same day and the day after.

I have found that I rather like the gluten-free bread rolls by Warburton. They are much better made than the ones I had before by Sainsbury's.

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