Wednesday, 30 November 2011

I'm a happy recycling bunny

Why am I happy? Yesterday I got through the letterbox a local free magazine called Lewisham Life. In this wonderful magazine are three pages all about a 'big change in recycling' that is coming to our borough next week. I am so happy and excited about it. As from next Monday we will be able to recycle mixed plastics (which I've been taking to Sainsbury's), Tetrapaks (which my mum has been taking to a local recycling bank), crisp packets (which I've been sending in the post to an organisation) and so much more inc shredded paper. I can now see our green bin getting really full up, more so than our black bin, now and this is what is making me v happy. I was wondering if this would happen as earlier this year when I emailed the recycling people at our council they hinted to me that they were sorting something out, which they hoped to be started by the end of this year.
The only things that I feel I will be taking to Sainsbury's now are plastic containers that don't have numbers on but say they are recycleable with either the symbol on or the words and the symbol. Most of the plastics will now be going into our green bin. Hurrah. Mum and I will be going through it later to make sure what we can and can't recycle in to our green bin from Monday.

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