Friday, 23 December 2011

Xmas eating with intolerances

So it is Xmas time now, and what do we eat when we have intolerances to milk, soya and gluten. Here is my list:

Turkey - we have bought a breast joint from Iceland, which is usually v nice and don't get any waste. We have managed to find gluten-free stuffing by Hale and Hearty from Sainsbury's. Spuds and veg are fine. We will have our usual veg stock we have with roast dinners.

Puddings - we have bought Freefrom toffee puddings, but the only custard we find is one made with soya. It's only once a year. I have also got Sheep's milk yogurt with live bacteria in (good for the digestive system). We already have ice dessert. We did buy Ballybleat ice dessert the other day. It is v nice but too creamy in taste to have much of. We have bought gluten-free mince pies and bakewell tarts. Though I did cheat earlier in the week and had mince pies from a bakers, and paid the price. I ended up with IBS for a couple of days and now am trying not to have any naughties today.

Biccies etc - We bought pink wafers and shortbread fingers, both are freefrom. We tried Raspberry Golden Crunch biccies the other day and they are v nice - bought from Holland and Barretts.

Crisps - Mum will have Walkers baked crisps and I have Sunbites. We have also bought a mixed pack of Walkers and Pringles for our family visitors on Boxing Day. I also have pale peaunts and Mum has salted peanuts.

Sweets - we have Turkish Delight and mallows. Dark chocolate. I expect to get some more sweets from my brother on Boxing Day. We have a tin of Quality Street for visitors, and Mum has already had one.

Lunch - probably left over turkey with salad stuff, goat's cheese and hard boiled egg. We also have bought mini breadsticks for the family. Any left over will be eaten by me as Mum can't eat wheat for sure now.

I think that's it. Next year I will be v good and not have any dairy stuff again. Definitely no baker's mince pies. Learnt my lesson already.

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