Friday, 9 December 2011


Do you use a mouthwash with alcohol in? If you do, like I did, did you know that the alcohol can dry your mouth out? I read this somewhere a while ago, so bought a bottle without alchohol in. I had trouble finding one as they either had no alcohol and nasty chemicals in, or alcohol. I managed to find one, DentyActive, that is alcohol-free and no chemicals in except fluoride. I went to the dental hygienist the other day, and she told me that if you use alchohol mouthwash and non-fluoride toothpaste, then it can cause tooth decay. Prob cos as the alcohol dries the mouth out, there is no saliva to wash out the germs in your mouth, and the fluoride helps protect the mouth. So I have compromised. I use my organic toothpaste in the morning. In the afternoon I use mouthwash with fluoride. In the evening I use fluoride toothpaste. So it can build up and protect over night.
So, I would advice to find a mouthwash with no alcohol in. I did find that it was strong in the mouth and I had to dilute it, even though it said not to on the bottle. This new one, is strong in flavour but you don't need to dilute it. It is fine.

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