Friday, 27 January 2012

Decluttering and saving money

Well, it's that time of year again when everyone is urged to declutter for the new year. I started before Xmas, sorting out old magazines and papers. In the new year I began going through all my folders with paper cuttings I'd collected over the last few years and took out any that I didn't want. It was a lot. Some of them I'd forgotten I'd had. I only kept what I thought I really needed. Then my mum began going through her photo albums and taking out ones she didn't want because they didn't mean a thing to her. So I started the same job. This is where I managed to save money. I went through most of my albums, a couple have photos of nothing but my two nephews as babies, and took out any that didn't mean a thing to me anymore, any that were duplicated and there were some. I kept a lot of holiday stuff, because it gave me an idea for a series of magical romance stories, different to the Geraldine ones. So, how did I save money? Well, as I went taking photos out, I moved them to the album before the one they were in. By the end of sorting out, I had two spare albums. So if I want to buy any more albums, I don't need to now as I already have two there. Money saved.

So, what have you decluttered, saving money at the same time? Let me know.

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