Thursday, 19 January 2012

Losing weight

As many people are probably doing this time of year, I am trying to lose weight. I have got two inspirations to spur me on. The Biggest Loser TV programme and free Slimming World booklets that came with the paper the other week. I went on the S World website the other day to check my BMI and got a shock. It had gone up a few points and am in the 'at risk' section. As I have numerous health issues already, I don't want to add to them. So am taking this seriously. I am trying follow the S World Food Optimising plan were Free Foods are foods such as fruit and veg, and carbs as well as lean meat and poultry. I had been cutting out the dessert I used to have after dinner and have it for supper instead of crackers. It had been going well until this morning when I got stomach pains. So now I am changing tack as I think it's too much fruit and veg for me. Instead I will have crackers for supper not the tinned fruit and ice dessert I'd been having. We shall see what happens now. I had gone down half a pound from yesterday this morning. I have also been trying to measure my Oat milk so that I have their right amount, but if I want a piece of goat's cheese for lunch/dinner,like today, then I will have less milk. I still have my ryvitas for lunch but don't know if these count as healthy extras or syns. I am thinking of joining an online group but it costs money to do so, and don't know if I want to spend that money. I think if I do then I won't go to either a retreat or conference this year. We shall see. Will put my updates on here when they arrive.

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