Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Did you know that it's National Chip week, this week? Well, it is. Among all the chips out there, what do you think the healthiest ones are? I believe they are the ones that are home-made and sprayed with oil such as Fry Light. My mum and I had those yesterday and... they didn't turn out that good. We parboiled them for 4 minutes and cooked them for 25. They weren't all that brown and some weren't all that cooked through either. Mum had a couple that were hard to cut because they were still a bit raw. We will try again some other time, and then we'll parboil them for longer, spray them with Fry Light more and cook them for longer.

Have you cooked home-made chips? How did they turn out? Let me know. Would like to know how to get them right as they are healthier to eat than shop bought ones.

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