Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Loving home grown fruit and veg

We have recently been loving home grown fruit and veg from our veg patch. We have been eating chives but they are getting rather brown rusty-looking now, either from age or the weather. Not many to cut at the moment. We haven't had much look with radishes again this year. Only had one out of the whole lot, which were nibbled by something.  We have had some carrots, and await more. We had a few cherry tomatoes the other day, and they were sweet.  We have had some spring onions, which taste stronger than shop bought ones. Even my mum finds them strong, and that is saying something. Recently we have had a glut of fresh beetroot, which we've grown for the first time.  They are really nice cooked.  Have a slightly earthy taste but nice. Probably grow some more next year.  We usually see what grows OK one year, to decide to plant again next year.

So, have you been growing fruit and veg?  What have you had success with so far?

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