Sunday, 15 March 2015

Eating out gluten-free

On Thursday I went to the London SCBWI Brunch at the Fleet Street Bakery (behind Holborn station). I've been there before, and last time I did I had a spicy soup. This time they had something different. It wasn't marked up on the board as gluten free but they had to check with the kitchen staff. It should have been up on the board, due to the new regulations that came about in December where all eating places should have marked on their menus if foods are gluten free. Anyway, this is what I had to eat for lunch, which was kindly paid for by Miriam Craig the organiser, due to me forgetting to take any money with me (first time I've done that):

It was quinoa with beansprouts and radishes. It came with sweetcorn and lots of green leaves, neither of which I ate because I can't. I've not eaten quinoa (pronounced keenwa) grains before, only as flakes for breakfast in a porridge. I really liked it, and it didn't disagree with me, which was a bonus.

Not sure what they will have next I go in May, but I will make sure they have marked on their board if it is gluten free or not.

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