Sunday, 29 March 2015

Results of my mini-elimination diet

So, I have been an a mini-elimination diet over the last 2 weeks, eating only Free From toast for breakfast and not having any rice milk with porridge. Here are the results - no stomach pains at all, except for when I got anxious about seeing the GP. I shall try having millet porridge with rice milk again later next week when I am not going out that day or doing anything like cleaning. That will probably be Thursday. We shall see what happens.

I have been eating rice and rice cakes, both of which are wholegrain. So, I am wondering if it is just the refined and processed version of rice I can't take now. I have read a reply to a letter from someone who wrote up about this to a gluten-free magazine, and the reply was that it could be the refined version that causes intolerances. We shall see if I get pains again next week. Will let you know. If I do get pains, then I have already bought goat's milk and try that.

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