Sunday, 19 July 2015

RNA conference - What I ate

This time last weekend I was on my last day at the RNA conference in Mile End road. So, how did I rate the choice of foods I was given? Honestly, poor. Here is what I ate:

Friday dinner: I couldn't eat anything on the menu because it either had dairy or wheat in, and the only choice was beef casserole which had wine in. Again I couldn't eat because of my medications. The chef cooked chicken esp for me, which I had with white rice, peas and green beans. It looked like this:

My opinion: they weren't that prepared at all for my intolerances.

Saturday morning came. I went to have breakfast. Were they prepared? No. They didn't have any Free From toast for me, and I had to have fried bacon with grilled tomatoes, and I don't usually like grilled breakfasts. I complained afterwards to our organiser, Jan Jones, who had a word with them. Apparently, they did have gluten free bread there, but no one told the catering staff that were there that morning. Sigh.

Saturday lunch. What did I have? Chicken again, with lots of green leaves, a few olives and a couple of sundried tomatoes, which I tried but didn't like. Here is what it looked like:

I had this lunch again on the Sunday, but that time I complained. I asked the head of staff there if they could have extras like salad. A while later she brought out a big bowl of roasted veg such as peppers. At least I had a bit more to it then. I had a bag of crisps with me on Saturday, so went back to my room to get them.

Saturday dinner was the Gala dinner, and was in the Octagon library in Queen's building.
Because it was a special dinner, it was much better organised. Staff went round asking who had dietary requirements, and they catered for it. For starter I had roasted veg, eg peppers and onions:

For dinner, guess what I had? Yes, chicken. It came with potato and fresh veg such as carrots and cauli. Yay. Different veg. I enjoyed it.
I enjoyed this meal the most out of all the ones I had last weekend, mainly because it was more organised and prepared for me and my diet.

Sunday morning came. Breakfast. And yes, they were prepared this time. I had my gluten free toast, 4 slices of it, with spread and jam. I was happy. I've put above what I had for lunch.

All in all, out of 10, I rate Queen Mary University of London's choice of menu for dietary people - 3. Poor. So there you have it. I plan to rate places where I go with how their choice for people like me, and how they cope with it.

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