Friday, 14 October 2011

Natural products

Sorry I have been away from this blog for a while. Have been thinking what to put and have been ill with a cold and cough. Cough still with me, and v annoying it is too.

Well, this week it is D for Dead Sea Spa Magik products. Most of the following products I actually won as a prize for a letter in Healthy magazine, and one I got for a present. But I researched the prices today and here they are.

Sea Salts (in box) These are v soothing in a bath and last a long time. I usually use this as a treat once a month.
Price: £3.69
Where to buy: Holland and Barratt's
Green rating: 4/5. The box is recycleable but the bag the salts are in aren't.
This was the present.

Moisturiser: Very nice on the face. I like the smell too.
Price: £7.29 (as of H&B but the one I have is a small tube so might be incorrect.
Buy: H&B
Green: 4/5: I think it is recycleable at my local Sainsbury's mixed plastic bank. The tube I had was split when I got it and had to throw it away, after I put the cream in a tub.

Face mask: As the moisturiser. Same smell.
Price: £3.45 (a small tube)
Green: 4/5, same type of tube as the moisturiser.

Body lotion: I haven't used this yet but would imagine it has the same smell as the moisturiser, so look forward to using it on my body after a bath.
Price: £7.29
Green: 5/5 - it is a plastic bottle

Sea salts in a bag: imagine same sensation as one in a box.
Price: only saw big bag in H&B, so don't know. A bit less than the boxed one I'd say.
Green: 4/5. It has a recycling symbol on it, so I can take it to Sainsbury's.

All of the above, apart from salts, were part of a reward for writing a letter to Healthy magazine. So I didn't have to pay for them.

Next week is back to healthy eating and will be about something I've already blogged about: sugar and sweeteners. Cropped up again due to my cough.

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