Sunday, 2 October 2011

Recycling inkjet cartridges

What do you do with your inkjet cartridges? Throw them away or recycle them? If you recycle them, where do you take them? I started to take them to WHS in Bromley, but then couldn't find their box for them and I don't shop there that often. Then I reread a little book about recycling, reusing and reducing and saw Recycling Appeal. If you Google them you will get their website. You have to register your details and what cartridges you want to recycle, then they will send you a couple of envelopes for you to send the cartridges in. You can either recycle a mobile phone or 2 cartridges. It is free because it is Freepost. I have been doing this for a while now.

But I now have discovered a local WHS recycles them. I don't know if all cartridges in there have them but when I last bought my HP cartridges they came with a little bag attached, which you put the cartridge in and take to the store and put in their box. The recycled cartridges support Tommy's charity so it goes to a good cause. Well worth doing. Esp as again it is Freepost.

Have you found any other charities that take cartridges?

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