Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Finishing the B's

Back to using natural products/materials this week and finishing the B's.

The first one is B for Bamboo. I have found some socks that are made from Bamboo. It says on the label that it is more breathable for feet, which is good. These are navy socks from TKMaxx. I had been looking all over the place for navy ones and TKMaxx was the only shop I found them in. They are £4.99 for a pack of 3 pairs, which is good value, so last time I bought two packs.

B is also for Bently Organics, and I have used two products from them.
The first one is their handwash. I really like this as it is a handy size that can fit in your handbag so take it out shopping and all over the place with them when I need to go to the toilet.
Cost: £5.99 (I think).
Where to buy it: I used to get it from So Organic in Greenwich but last time I went there they didn't have any as they said that they had problems with the supplies again. I think you should be able to get it from their own website.
Green rating: 4/5: the bottle is recycelable but not the cap and the pump

The other Bentley product I tried was a shower cream, and I didn't like it because I wasn't keen on the smell. It smelt a bit too earthy for me so it has been delegated to a handwash downstairs in the kitchen.
Cost: don't know as I got this free in a prize
Where to buy it: Bentley website
Green rating: maybe 5/5 as the bottle is recycleable but don't know about the cap.

Next week back to green issues.

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