Monday, 29 September 2014

Sweeteners - Aspartame

I have previously posted about sugar v sweeteners. I am now about to strengthen my case against using sweeteners and have sugar, esp Aspartame.

Last week, when my brother visited us, I started to drink orange squash which had sweeteners in. Mum bought this knowing that my brother, who has been dieting and doesn't drink anything with sugar in, was coming. Anyway, one of the sweeteners was Aspartame. I thought this would be all right as I would only have a little bit at a time. I was wrong. I had say a glass of squash each day from last Wednesday, and by the end of the last week, esp yesterday, I was feeling its effects. I started to get headaches in the morning and throughout the day. Yesterday I had to resort to having a couple of paracetamols to get rid of the headache. So, although I knew it was a waste, I threw the rest of the bottle down the kitchen sink. Today, I woke up with no headache and my head is feeling normal again.

Today, I read in a health book I have that one of the possible side-effects of Aspartame is migraines. I am sure I heard on a health food programme the other day on TV that Aspartame is fine to eat and doesn't have any bad effects. I am going with my own experience, and from now on am going to avoid any sweeteners, esp Aspartame.

Although sugar has got a bad reputation, I think it is far better to have than sweeteners.

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