Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Why I like working with Essante Organics - No 1

This is the start of a series of posts about why I like working with Essante Organics, who sell retail and wholesale organic products for the skin and home. This is really going to be two reasons but all about the same thing - the environment.

1. All their products are 100% organic. This means that when you put them into your body, your body doesn't get any more toxins than necessary. Also, when you are using their products that you have to wash and end up in the water, the waste of them doesn't contaminate any outside waters, and therefore, won't harm any sea life and creatures. All in all, helping the environment be more chemical free than it already is.

2. The containers all appear to be made of recyclable materials. Eg the bottles and tubes I have already got, are made from glass and all have on it  the words 'leave green prints'. As someone who loves to recycle as much as they can, I love this, too.

So there you have it. Not only do the products help your skin and the environment in your house, but the environment outside, too.

So, if you want to care for both your skin and the environment, then Essante Organics products are for you.

Check out what I do for Essante at www.gogreengetpaid.com

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