Monday, 1 September 2014

Want to go green and get paid for it?

Who doesn't? This is why I am now returning to this blog after a space of a couple of years. I have found a platform where I can spread my knowledge and passion all things natural and organic, and get paid for it. Here is the lowdown.

Ever since I started using natural and/or organic products in 2008, I have always wanted to find a way to share my passion and knowledge about it with others and get paid for it. This last month I have seen posts by other people, including my coach and team members of the affiliate marketer I'm a member of, promoting this company who sells organic products that are toxic free. It is a network marketing company, where you train your way up the ladder until you reach the highest level. It being organics, something I know about, I was v interested in it. After a lot of thinking, I joined the other day and am in Rebecca Woodhead's team, who is my coach and upline for the other company. Rebecca has put a lot of faith in me and my skills, and has made me the Ambassador of Focus, where I focus on training, helping others who join with training and possibly market themselves, too. Am looking forward to doing this. The company is Essante Organics. If you want to find out what they offer, their website is

If you watch that and want to join me becoming focussed and passionate about organics, then my website is: To join, click on the 'join' button on the top.

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