Sunday, 16 November 2014

Gluten-free - the fourth week

Well, this is the fourth week so far, and I can easily say it has been the best one. I haven't had any problems with breakfasts this week, that I can remember. I have been fine with eating millet porridge and jam. Yesterday I had cocoa rice, but not as many as the last time and I was fine with those, too. I have decided to try gluten food again until after the 25th, which is my birthday. So I can have a relaxed time. I will be going out on Tuesday, and have already chosen what I will be eating. Something gluten free, of course. I will post the photos of it later next week.

I won't be posting about how the diet is going the next couple of weeks, but what I might do is to take photos of the things I do eat, eg breadsticks and choc spread, and post them on here, so others who might need to go gluten free, can see what there is to choose from out there in the shops.

So, happy gluten-free eating to you all. Be back next week with some pictures.

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