Sunday, 3 January 2016

Foody goals for 2016

As well as business and writing goals for this new year, I have made a few goals about food. They are

1. Go completely gluten free from now on. Already started this. On New Year's Eve, once I had a bit more branston, which has gluten in, I chucked the rest away. There wasn't a lot left anyway. We did have a spare jar, but I gave that to my brother on Boxing Day. I will be checking all food labels now.

2. Try to go completely soya free. I have been avoiding anything made with soya flour, protein, bean etc, but eating things with soya lecithin in, which is the oil from soya. I keep feeling stuffy, which I know soya makes me, and am wondering if this is why. Soya lecithin is in a lot of foods, ranging from chocolate sauce to biscuits to crisps (who needs soya oil in crisps!). We shall see how that goes. I will be doing this from tomorrow as we have soya custard still to eat, and that will be eaten up in a while with a mince pie.

3. I will also be starting a low fibre diet again from tomorrow. Saw the dietician on Thursday. Told him that I was v happy going with low fibre again as it did help me. So I will be doing it for a couple of weeks, then reintroducing one high fibre food a week after that. He is going to email me sheets to complete when I do that.  I can't wait to start this one as it really helped calmed my digestion down.

So, those are the food goals I aim to do this year. I shall post here now and then to let you know how I am faring with them.

I can say, that since I gave up eating gluten and wheat, my weight has gone down and stayed down.

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