Sunday, 31 January 2016

Fibre food diary - Reintroduction

I am half way through reintroducing a second fruit and vegetable to my fibre diet. How is it going? Again, up and down. I have had the runs a couple of times this week but not because of the fibre I have started eating again. The first time was after having warm coconut milk with cornflakes. It didn't affect me the first time, so I tried it again but added a bit of sugar. Within half an hour of eating it, I got stomach pains and had to fly somewhere. The second time was after eating cold rice milk with cornflakes. I've had cold rice milk before and it's not affected me. It's either the milk and too much of it, or the cornflakes. I don't know. I am going to look for other milks to see what I can eat. I want another one when I try porridges again in a couple of weeks time.

This week I have reintroduced spring onions and pickled onions. I seemed to be fine after those this time. I have also had Brussel sprouts again, but not as many as I used to have. I was OK after that, too.

But yesterday I had a bad episode of IBS, and don't know what caused it. It could have been soya in the seed bar I had which was high in fibre, and in the choc sauce I had later. Or it could have been the chips in sunflower oil that caused it, or both. My mum reckons it was more likely to be the sunflower oil as I have had problems with oily and fried foods before. We shall see.

Next week of the diet, which starts next Thursday, I shall be reintroducing GF oatcakes and crackers. I want to have oats back in my diet again because they are good for lowering cholesterol, and my recent blood test came back stating that mine had gone up again. I have to have a second test in a few weeks time. Ugh.

Be back next week with how I got on with GF oats.

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