Sunday, 24 January 2016

My fibre diet

So, I have just completed the 2 weeks low-fibre diet and started reintroducing high fibre foods. How have I been? Up and down. Over the last week I have had diarrhoea three times, but that had nothing to do with food and all to do with either medications I have had to take for other things and nerves and anxiety. So those two weeks were fine with me.

I started reintroducing high fibre on Friday with a conference pear. Could only find a big one in store, but it was nice. I had no problems after that. Might have another one in a couple of weeks to vary the fruits I eat.

On Saturday I had Dr Schar's Free From apple crumble with my coconut frozen yoghurt. That was delicious. But I had slight stomach niggles afterwards which eased off when I went for a nap.

My next reintroduction will be a pickled onion tomorrow. Onions are one of my bugbears, as I can be OK eating them one time but not the next. We shall see. I have been charting my progress to give to my dietician when I see him again next month.

In the meantime, I have had my hospital appointment and saw a gastroenterologist, who I didn't like. She was rude and abrupt and spoke too fast, not explaining things to me enough. I had to do a stool sample (yes, I know, yuk) and have a blood test. And she prescribed me laxatives to have each day. I decided not to have them, but did try one, and that was one of the medications that gave me stomach pains and diarrhoea, so I will tell her next time, if I see her, that I am not going to have any more.

Shall post again next week after I have reintroduced more foods into my diet.

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