Sunday, 10 April 2016

Eating out with food intolerances

Last month I went out to a couple of places and had lunch. As I have food intolerances, I find it hard to get food that I can eat, but both places weren't too bad with choices. Here is where I went.

Beginning of March I went to Le Pain Quotidien by the Royal Festival Hall for a SCBWI brunch. I had already emailed them about my intolerances and they had replied with the menu, but I couldn't work out what they all had in them. So, when I was there I checked again. Now this is what impressed me about the place - when I mentioned my intolerances, the waiter asked if I wanted to see the food allergen info. I said yes. He came back with a book that had all their foods in it, and what allergen they had in each. I had never seen one of those in person before, only on TV. All of the main meals had an allergen in, so I ended up ordering the charcuterie with gluten free bread and roasted veg (onions, sweet potato and red peppers). I forgot to take a photo of it all, but it was nice.

On 21 March I went to a Woman's Weekly workshop. I couldn't tell what had what in, then I saw a notice saying that if you have food allergies to ask the chef, so I did. He kindly came out from behind the counter and told me what was OK for me to eat. I have not had that experience before. I had jacket potato with veg, and I did remember to take photos this time.

Yes, I had a hard boiled egg along with beetroot, tomato and sweet potato. I am going there again next Friday for another workshop, so if they have that there I shall eat it again, as I know I am fine with all of that.

So, motto of this blog post is, if you go anywhere to eat lunch, don't be afraid to ask about what you can eat if you have intolerances like me.

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