Sunday, 28 February 2016

Fibre diet - the last week

Well, my fibre reintroduction diet has now ended. The last high-fibre food I reintroduced was baked beans, and I was fine with them. I shall now have those every other week instead of every week which I had been doing before the diet.

I saw my dietician on Thursday and he was happy with what I had done, and pleased that it worked out all right for me. I told him what the gastroenterologist said about taking laxatives and he was aghast, asking me why. He said no. I am seeing him again in April for a review. I told him what I had found out about eating fibre - that too much disagrees with me, and I have to have a decent space of time during each piece of fibre otherwise that has an effect on me. I see the gastroenterologist again in a couple of weeks time, when the junior doctors are on strike.

I tried hemp seed milk this morning with cornflakes and didn't like it. Tasted too nutty to me and took the taste of the cornflakes away. I have thrown that away. I prefer the coconut milk.

So, that what how the reintroduction diet went for me. I hope you have learnt some things from these posts. The next post will be about the link between IBS and fibre and what I have learnt.

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