Sunday, 22 May 2011

My wheat-free week

So how did I do? V well actually, with no wheat at all. So why wheat? Wheat is in lots of things and for me it was the easiest to go without. Oat milk is the only milk I can have with my breakfast as all other milks don't agree with me, and I am intolerant to wheat so I wanted to see how I went without it.

I even managed it on Tuesday when I went out for a meal. I had pan-fried chicken with roast new potatoes and green beans, which I really liked. For toast during the week I tried Genius brown bread which was quite nice, I had a Sainsbury's white seeded roll and that was nice too. Yesterday I had Genius white bread and I have to say I prefer that than the brown version. I have already tried, Warburtons which had seeds in but that upset me as I had it for breakfast and my stomach can't take seedy stuff that time of day. I also tried Sainsbury's Freefrom white rolls and they are the best. V floury on top but very soft and melt in the mouth. Next to try will be Genius rolls with seeds on, that get everyone on the surfaces and the floor. I have already tried Sainsbury's Freefrom spaghetti, which is made from potato flour I think. That was nice and didn't upset me, which normal spaghetti did. Will be having that again tomorrow with spal Bol. Oh yes, I tried gluten-free cornflakes by Kallo Whole Earth for breakfast this morning and really liked them, prefer them to normal cornflakes now, which upset me last time I ate them on their own. Mum likes them too, and bougth 4 boxes from Sainsbury's this morning.
So where do you buy these from? Both Sainsbury's and Tescos' do the Genius and Warburton bread and rolls, and Sainsbury's and Holland & Barrets (although dearer than S'bury's) for the cornflakes and S'bury's for the spaghetti.

Overall I really like the rolls and bread and pasta I have tried, and once I have eaten up all the wheat bread and pasta that we have in house, I will go on to the gluten-free ones and stay with them, although they are at least a pound dearer than normal wheat varieties. If I try anything else wheat-free I will post it here.

Next week's posts are all about living greenly and recycling.


  1. I've been cutting out gluten as well since I recently found out I that gluten is not my friend ;-j

  2. Hope it has improved your health. I have read that going gluten-free can help people with IBS, like me.