Monday, 30 May 2011

Beng Green Away frrom Home

I went away to a writer's retreat at the weekend and found out that being green doesn't necessarily mean the 3 r's. It also means eating locally fresh produce, which I think I ate lots of as I ate foods that I don't have normally. They offered Fairtrade wine, not that I had any of that as I can't drink alchohol. Over the weekend I had a curry with cauliflower in with tomatoes and beetroot. The beetroot must've been fresh as it was cubed unlike the sliced sort you get in jars. I also had butternut squash, I think, and they served courgettes with it which I didn't have, and aubergine and peppers. I ate the peppers but not the aubergines as I don't like them. I also had new potatoes with carrots and peas, which were fresh as they taste different to the frozen ones I normally have here at home. Yesterday we had roast chicken for lunch and with it I had parnsips, which were really nice and tasted like sweet potatoes to me. I think I will have that again sometime. There were other foods I had that I've not had before like couscous. That was nice and wouldn't mind trying that again, coconut rice pudding which was yummy and yesterday I had baked apple with sultanas in the middle with cinnamon, that was gorgeous. I think there is a farmer's market and other places near the house I stayed in that grow these foods, and I am all for eating local foods to save the carbon footprint.

So as well as learning and writing lots (which I will tell you about in my other blog), I tasted lots of new foods and will have again. Because of this my weight has gone up even more and now need to do more exercise.


  1. The food sounds delicious Julie!

  2. It certainly was Kathryn. Great food, great company, great talks and great writing.