Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Recycling at home

This week will be all about recycling (the green part of this blog), and today I am going to talk about what you can recycle at home, esp in Lewisham my borough.

Of course, there are the basics: paper, card, tin, glass, and plastic bottles. I envy borough of Bromley because they can recycle more plastics at home than Lewisham can. As well as these basics, there are other things you can recycle. Labels off cans, preferably taken off as told to me by the council, empty stamp booklets and jar lids. So all these I add to our weekly recycling, although my mum still doesn't believe in recycling the shiny stuff. There are batteries, as our council has given the residents little bags to put them in once we have enought to fill it, but we still take ours to Sainsbury's. You cannot recycle shredded paper as this is too fine for recycling purposes, so here are couple of suggestions: if you have a compost bin put it in there, or if you have pet gerbils or hamsters or a pet in a cage, then it can be used for bedding, or you can keep it for packaging goods to other people.

Talking of compost, we have 2 bins in our garden. Whilst one is breaking down, we fill the other up with fruit and veg bits, paper, card, egg shells (when not putting it on garden to stop beasties nibbling plants). We have a compost caddy in our kitchen and Mum empties it when it either fills up or gets too smelly.

I think that is all I can think of for now. Next time will be all about what else you can have in your house that can be recycled outside the home eg in banks locally.

Here is a challenge for you. See how much you can recycle at home in a week's time and let me know.


  1. Hi Julie, congratulations on a great new blog. Great to see the topic of recycling being covered too. Good luck with the new blog.

  2. Thanks Karen. I have so much more I want to say about recycling, so watch this space.