Sunday, 7 February 2016

My high-fibre reintroduction diet

So, it is the third week of reintroducing high-fibre foods I hadn't been eating back into my usual diet. How has it gone so far? Well, after I wrote here last, I had tinned pineapple rings that had been in the fridge a few days. I made the mistake of eating them instead of throwing them away. I had stomach pains and the runs after that. So, in future, I told my mum that if we have tinned fruit in the fridge, we have to eat it up as soon as. Other than that, all the foods I have been eating again, I have been fine with.

I have reintroduced Brussels and have been fine with them, although I did have a bit of gas last night. Will only have 5 not 6 next time. I have been fine with spring and pickled onions, just as long as I don't have too many in a short space of time. This week I have been eating gluten-free oatcakes again, with peanut butter. I haven't had any digestion issues, but the strange thing was, for the first two nights after eating them again, I woke up during the night with a bad headache. So, last night, I only had a scraping of peanut butter on it and I was fine. It might not be that, it could be thoughts, it could be too much sugary stuff I've eaten during the day.

Today I have started eating gluten-free wholegrain crackers. I had 3 and have been fine so far with them. Will have them again. I won't have those and the oatcakes in one day. That would be too much wholegrain food.

The other thing I have been trying is coconut milk. I bought one by Alpro.

The first morning I had it warm with Whole Earth organic cornflakes and I had no problems. It tastes really coconutty unlike the last one I tried. Maybe because it has coconut cream and milk in it. The second morning I had it cold with the cornflakes.

This time I wasn't OK. I had stomach pains after it. So, I will try it again tomorrow but warm, and see what happens, if anything. I have a hemp seed milk to try too. I want a milk I can have warm with porridge, which is my next high-fibre food to reintroduce.

Shall pop in again next week with how I have been getting on. See you then.

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