Sunday, 14 February 2016

Reintroduction fibre diet - Week 4

So, this week I have reintroduced GF wholegrain crackers. I have 3 for lunch with different toppings.

I was fine with those. I have also been eating the oatcakes again with peanut butter on and I was fine with those. No headaches during the night. I think that was due to not having any air during the day.

Yesterday, I reintroduced oat porridge into my diet. I had it with warm coconut milk.

I don't know where you can buy this one, but I won this as part of the huge Free From goodie box from Holland and Barratt's last year. This was really delicious, esp the golden syrup taste. Didn't need sugar or jam with it. And I was fine with it. But then, this morning I had warm coconut milk with cornflakes and I got stomach pains and the runs. I have written this on my diet chart to show the dietician when I see him later this month.

Next time I shall try either millet porridge again or Nutribix. That will be Tuesday.

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