Sunday, 21 February 2016

Week 5 of the reintroduction fibre diet

So, this is the fifth and final week of the fibre reintroduction diet I have been on via my dietician. I have finally got round to being able to have nuts and beans again. Here is how it has been going.

Thursday I had 6 walnut halves and I was fine. But I had 6 more on Friday and wasn't fine. I had to pop somewhere. So, I have come to the conclusion that I can't eat walnuts one day after the other like I used to. When I have them again, there will be a break between the next amount I have.

I had a 9bar breakfast boost raspberry and almond bar yesterday. I was fine with it, which was good news for me as I really liked it because it tasted like a bakewell tart.

Also yesterday I tried Nutribix, which is made with 96% wholegrain sorghum. I got slight stomach pains after that, so threw the rest away. I had a feeling I wouldn't be able to eat that it being so much wholegrain.

I have yet to try baked beans, which will be tomorrow, so will post about that next time.

My conclusions about fibre so far is: 1. I can't eat too much in one go, and have to space them out during the day. Last week I had oats for breakfast, a seed bar for lunch and a pickled onion for dinner, and I ended up visiting a small room a few times more than necessary. Also, I can't eat complete wholegrain foods. I can eat foods if they are under 70% wholegrain. The pot of oats I had last week was only 56% oats.

Let you know how I get on with the beans next time.

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