Saturday, 4 June 2011

Not easy being green when...

It's not easy being green when you have numerous medical problems like I have which means you have to take lots of tablets. Most of my tablets come in boxes, which is fine because I can recycle card, but when it comes to the blister packs well...I have been peeling off as much foil as I can from them but what about the plastic bits remaining? You can't recycle them unless you send them back to the company or the chemist but that costs money. So I am not sure what to do about them apart from putting them in the bin, so they go to landfill. Then there are the tablets that come in little plastic pots, which I end up also putting in the bin. I think next time I might write down the name of the company they come from, find a website and see if I can email them about what plastic it is, as it doesn't say on the pots. Grr... But I am being quite good as I put the tablets in little brown plastic bottles that I have had for a while and use time and time again, sticking new labels on the front so I know when I last ordered the tablets. That is one way to reuse/recycle them.

Then there is my allergic rhinitis. I use lots of tissues and I can't put all of those in the compost, only one or two now and then. I did mention this once on my other blog and people commented that they use handkerchiefs. You have to wash those each time, and from what I have seen in the shops most hankies come in boxes with plastic on, so the plastic goes into landfill, defeating the object. So I am in a dilemma. I want to be as green as possible but with all these medical problems I find it hard to at times.

Any suggestions will be gratefully received.

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