Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Organic Food Month

September is organic food month set up by the Soil Association. So what organic foods do I eat? Not a lot, really. Here is my list:

Quinoa and Millet Flakes
Sunflower seed butter
Dark Tahini
Peanut Putter
Wholemeal bread

I also have recently bought organic celery because I read that this is one of the foods that can easily absorb chemicals due to its soft skin. I have been eating organic tomatoes, radishes, spring onions and carrots, only because they are home grown on our veggie patch. That is one of the easiest ways to go organic to grow your own. The supermarkets don't do much in the way of organic fruit and veg apart from celery and tomatoes that I have seen.

So what do you eat organic? And do you grow your own? How did your own go this year? Next time I will tell you how our patch went this year, and it wasn't that good.

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