Sunday, 11 September 2011

Recycling away from home

Today is the last day of Zero Waste Week - Away from home. So what do you do if you go on holiday where there is no recycling facilities? Here is what my friend, Heather, does.

She often goes away by car to a caravan park, where there is no recycling facilities. Now Heather is as keen a recycler as me, maybe more. So what does she do? If there is room in the car back, she will put all recycleables in a bag, put that in the car and take it back home and put it in her recycling bin there. If there isn't room in the car and she know that someone she knows or she will be back there soon after that, then she will put the bag of recycleables in a cupboard to take home later on. I know she does this because she has told me this. She told me one time that her uncle went to stay at the caravan after she had left and was surprised to find a bag of recycleables stuck in the cupboard. Just imagine his face when he saw it. Ha ha.

I haven't been on a proper holiday for years, and the last time I did recycling wasn't all the rage then. I think if I did go on holiday like Heather to a place without recycling facilities, I might do the same and collect them up myself or ask the staff if they had recycling places to go to.

Next week is about healthy eating and organic food as September is Organic Food Month.

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