Friday, 2 September 2011

B for Barefoot Botanicals

Continuing with B as B is for Barefoot Botanicals.

I like the following products from BB:

Face Wash: it usually smells like orange blossom and goes smoothly on your skin.
Price: £16.95
Where to get it: I used to get it at So Organics at Greenwich, but last time I went there we were told they had a problem with BB supplying them. I think you are able to get it from the website
Green rating: 0 I emailed them about a month ago asking them what the tubes were made of but I have not got a reply yet, so have had to throw them in the bin for landfill.

Face and body cream: I like this for the face as it as smooth as the face wash, and I really like it for the body as it is good for my eczema. Again this smells of orange blossom, although when I first used it it smelt medicinal to me of antiseptic.
Price: For 100g = £17.97
Where to get it: as for face wash.
Same green rating as face wash too.

Foot balm: I liked this when I first used this as you could really smell the grapefruit in it but whether my smell is changing as I get used to this I don't know, but I can't smell it so much now. Goes nice on the feet and is meant to be good for keeping fungus away.
Price: I think it is the same as the face wash.
Where to get it: as the other two products
Same green rating as the others.

If anyone knows what is happening with Barefoot Botanicals I would like to know as I did like their products as they are meant for eczema suffereres like me.

Next week is Zero Waste Week, so I am back to talking about recycling away from home.

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