Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Natural Hair Care - Part 1

Welcome back to the natural part of this blog. Today I am going alphabetical with natural products, so it starts with A.

A'Kin is the name. I have been using A'Kin Mandarin Shampoo for a while now and it's quite nice. It has a nice smell, as I like citrus smells. They do say citrus smells wake you up.

So where do you get it from? I got mine free as a prize from So Organic ( but you can get it from their retail shop in Greenwich, SE London. It costs £10.50.

Green rating - 5/5 as it is a plastic bottle which I can recycle at home.

So what's the difference between this shampoo and say one like Head and Shoulders. Why buy a natural shampoo when there are others on the market? Well, the answer to both questions is what makes the shampoo foam.

In the A'Kin shampoo the foam is made by gentle products like coco sulphate, which is derived from substances such as corn, sugar or coconut. Therefore, are gentler on the skin and won't cause harm

Whereas in normal shampoos the foam is usually made by something called Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS). It's harsh on the skin, can cause irritation esp with people with sensitive skin. And why is this? Because SLS is also used as an engine degreaser. So if it's used to degrease the oil in engines imagine what it can do to your skin! This is why I don't use these types of shampoos anymore as I have sensitive skin.

I hope that this post has got you thinking about what you use on your skin. Next post will be about to how have a natural haircut.

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