Friday, 8 July 2011

Where to buy...

In 2005 I watched You are what you eat and decided to eat healthier than I did. Up until then I ate for breakfast things like Weetabix, rice crispies and white toast. I bought the book that went with the series and discovered different things I could eat, which I mentioned in my last post. I am now going to let you know where you can buy these things and how much they cost:

Millet flakes by Infinity Foods - local health store called Sheels. Price - £2.46
Quinoa flakes by Infinity Foods - as above. Price - £3.35
Cornflakes by Sainsbury's or Wholearth Organic - Sainsbury's. Can't remember the price but both are quite similar. Mum has been eating the Wholeearth ones because they haven't got the gluten in and I will be going onto them myself shortly.

There are different brands of these but they can be dearer and have found these are reasonably priced. You might think they are dear but if you rotate them with other breakfasts then they don't turn out to be that much so.

Oatly - Sainsbury's. Price - £1.39 (found in the Freefrom aisle)
St Dalfour fruit spreads - Sainsbury's. Price - £1.64. (with the jams)

Organic Wholemeal bread - Sainsbury's. Price - 95p.
Genius white/brown bread - Sainsbury's. Price - £2.89
Sunflower spread (either Pure or Freefrom) - Sainsbury's. Price - Pure = £1.75 Freefrom = £1.15
Peanut Butter - Sainsbury's. Price - £1.35 (I think)

Well, I think that is all that I have for breakfasts. As mentioned I do rotate these so I don't have one the same in days, as this has been said to be healthier so you don't become intolerant to any one of them.

Next healthy eating one will be about healthy breakfasts for intolerances. In the mean time next week were are recycling again.

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