Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Recycling banks

The last recycling post was all about recycling at home, now I am taking you on a whistlestop tour of Lewisham's (that I know about) recycling banks outside. So here we go:

Forest Hill (Sainsbury's car park) - paper, card, glass, plastic bottles, tetrapaks and texiles

Bell Green (Sainsbury's car park) - paper, card, glass (clear and coloured), plastic bottles, mixed plastics (I put in all plastic that have the recycling symbol on), textiles, shoes, light bulbs.

Catford (behind town hall) - paper, plastic bottles, tetrapaks and small electricals (such as mobiles).

These are the few banks that my mum and I use mostly, with Bell Green coming top as we shop there every week and take a bag of mixed plastics every other week. If I find out anymore then I will let you know on here.

The next post will be about recycling out and about. Spot the recycling spots on your travels in and out of places.

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