Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Healthy breakfasts

I was shocked to read in the papers recently than 1 in 4 children are obese, and that 500,000 school-age children are at risk of fatty liver disease. I think that one problem is that a lot of people don't eat breakfast and they should. It is called breakfast because it breaks the fast you have had over night. It has been scientifically proved, most recently on Embarrassing Bodies, that if you skip breakfast your brain then starts thinking of foods that are bad for you, and you start craving them, eating them and so on. Breakfast, a proper one, sets up your digestion and metabolism for the day. There are a lot of unhealthy breakfasts out there, check the salt and sugar content on their boxes. But there are also a lot of healthy ones too. Weetabix is one of them (not with chocolate with it though) but I can't eat that as it's too much wheat for me. So here are the ones I do eat and what they are:

Millet porridge - porridge made with millet flakes and Oat milk.
Quinoa (pronounced keenwa) - as above with quinoa flakes.
You can get grains of the 2 above but it takes a lot longer to boil than flakes.

Oats - porridge oats with Oat milk.
Toast - either with wholemeal bread or gluten free bread (Genuis white)
Cornflakes with a few bran flakes (check the salt and sugar content on box).

With my porridges I have fruit spread by St Dalfour. I did used to have Meridian but that got dearer and St Dalfour is cheaper. I find that the porridges can taste bland without the fruit spread
Toast - I have sunflower spread on as I am intolerant to dairy. Now and then, like this morning, I might have peanut butter on it too. Quite nice.

I find I now really like all these and wouldn't go back to cereals. A few years ago I did try a bowl or rice crispies and found it really sweet, and that was without any sugar/sweetener on it.

Next post I will let you know where you can buy all these from, although it does mention it at the back of my book Rosie.

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