Monday, 25 July 2011

Natural hair cut

A day late but here I am about to tell you how to have a natural hair cut. I know there are lots of hairdressers who specialise in doing hair with natural products but I believe that most of them are in the city/west end of London and would probably be quite expensive to start with, let alone having to travel there. So here is my way of getting a natural hair cut/wash. Ask your local hairdresser if they would mind if you brought in your own products to use. Mine is okay with this and I take my own shampoo and conditioner, which they use and give back to me at the end of the appointment. I don't have a 100% natural hair cut though as they still use their own mousse and spray, but I am thinking about buying me own to take there too. I know that So Organic in Greenwich sell these, so maybe when I go there again I will buy them. This is a much cheaper way to getting a natural hair cut and wash. You don''t have to travel far and by using your own products you know that you won't be getting chemicals on your skin and the product is okay with your skin as you have used them before.

So if you are like me and prefer to use natural shampoos etc on your hair, give it a go and ask your hairdresser if they'd mind you taking your own things in to use. There's no harm in asking I say.

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