Friday, 15 July 2011

STOP PRESS - Shiny Wrappers

I, and others I know, have been wondering what to do with our crisp packets and shiny wrappers as the Philippine Community Fund no longer collects them. I contacted the Foundation in the Philippines to ask if I could send them directly to them. Yesterday I got a reply to say that they no longer collect them either as they have storage problems and vermin trouble over here in the UK. Oh heck, I thought, now what do I do with the 2 biccie boxes full I have of them. I really didn't want to throw them away. That is the bad news. Although they still want toothpaste tubes and ring-pull tabs.

Here is the good news. I remembered an organisation that My Zero Waste mentioned in one of their last blogs called Eco-Centricity, who collect odd things such as sweet wrappers and ribbons. So I emailed them yesterday and got a reply. Yes, they would be happy to take the wrappers off me and I'd have to send them to them as they can't collect. So I now have a home for all my wrappers to go to and am very happy. I can still collect them now and will do so knowing they will be put to use somehow by organisastions. You can find out what they collect at their website As they are based in the UK, the postage won't be that much and there won't be so much carbon footprint than sending stuff to the Philippines. Good news all round on the Green front.

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