Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Chemical allergies

In my third children's book Georgina Queen of Clean, I am writing about using natural-made products with magical elements and have made out that the pupils can get allergies from using synthetic chemicals. Little did I know that this is true and I read a case in the paper last week, and it is called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. The headline was 'Housework kills me'. A woman had to give up housework because the chemicals in the cleaning products she used made her ill. Just a slight smell of the products brought on a severe allergic reaction inc inflamed skin, blood pressure soaring and blurred vision. She couldn't even set foot in a supermarket. The woman had to have homeopathy and acupuncture to help her problems it was so bad and it is only now when she uses natural and organic products that she can clean her house again.

So all those out there who don't think much about using these products, they can harm you. I know that two of my aunts didn't think much of them saying that there were only small amounts of them in the products. Well, what if there are up to five of these chemicals in one product and you use it twice a day every day. I think this all adds up, esp if you have sensitive skin like me. So I would like everyone to think about what they put on their skin, because health bodies have said that 60% of what you put on your skin does absorb into your blood, and if you use 4-5 products with 4-5 chemicals in, what does that mean? I let you think about it.

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