Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Recycling out and about

This week was meant to be about healthy eating but I have swapped it with next week because then it is 'Love Your Gut' week and I want to celebrate by blogging about it and what I am doing where for it.

What recycling bins have you seen on your travels? I have seen lots and most of them have been in hospitals I have had appointments at, which is very good. Here are the ones I have seen.

Forest Hill train station - I noticed there are two bins there: one for paper/card and the other for tins and bottles. They are on both platforms.
Royal Festival Hall - I saw one there and think it's for all recycleables.
Maudsley Hospital - there were bins for all recycleables in the main outpatient building where I went to be assessed for Asperger's
Guy's Hospital - there are two big bins at the entrance to the Tower block for all recycleables. Also on the side of the hospital it says they are reducing their carbon footprint. But inside the dept where I had an appointment, there were ordinary bins.
St Thomas' - Again they had bins for all recycleables at the entrace to the main building, and they had ones for paper/card and tins/bottles in the corridor through the hospital. I know they have one for recycleables in the dental dept I go to, but due to being told my appointment had been cancelled (after getting there in the pouring rain), I didn't see it properly.

Also on the way to New Cross one day, I noticed some cow bins (recycling bins that are painted like cows).

All in all, my view at the moment is that hospitals are leading the way for recycling, which I think is very good.

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