Friday, 26 August 2011

IBS and Coeliac

Foods and food intolerances are not the only things that can set off IBS, esp with me. Anxiety can be another thing to set it off, and esp if you have generalised anxiety disorder like I have. When I am stressed, my internal body slows down so I end up with one certain symptom, and if I get nervous/excited, it goes the other way. So I try to keep my gut happy and not get too anxious, eg worrying about workshops, or get too nervous again about doing workshops. Sometimes it can be very hard for me to do this but I try.

Coeliac Disease. I mentioned this in my first post here because it was Awareness Week then. I am mentioning it again now because something has cropped up with my mum about it to do with the gut. My mum had a gastroscropgy a few weeks ago to find out how bad her Coeliac is, even though she had a low blood score for it. Despite that the results weren't what Mum expected, as it came out that she also has gastritis and a gastric ulcer, which she was told by her GP the othe day that the Coeliac could well have caused this. On the results sheet that Mum was given, it said to carry on eating gluten until her appointment with the consultant. So Mum did, and regretted it. Soon after starting gluten again, she began to get her gut ache and feel nauseous. The GP was perplexed as to why Mum was given this advice, and Mum has now stopped eating gluten. So if you do have a gastroscopy and you get the same result, stop eating gluten even if it says to do so. If you suspect that you have Coeliac, then do get it sorted out with your GP and hospital. One symptom is feeling tired, due to the gluten stripping the body of the essential vitamins and minerals, esp iron which you need to keep going.

Next post will be about how my two workshops went this week. I will just say that I hope the rain leaves off for tomorrow morning.

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