Monday, 22 August 2011

Love Your Gut

This week is 'Love Your Gut' week, and you can find more about it at the official website It is all about eating healthily to keep your gut good and working properly. And for me this is so appropriate and ironic as I suffer IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) which is all to do with the gut, and ironic because I have just had a bad flair up of it.

I think that one way to help your gut is to know what you can and can't eat. For instance, I know that I can't eat either raw or partially cooked (stewed) apples, as they give me one symptom of IBS (I have just found out). So I will now avoid this and if I eat apples, they have to be fully baked or cooked.

I also can't eat too much fruit, veg and other bits and pieces, as I did yesterday. With the apple, all of that caused the IBS flair up with me.

The other thing that I definitely avoid eating/drinking is cow's milk. I found in 2001 that I am intolerant to that and that also causes my IBS to flair up.

I would like to spread the word about loving your gut, so tomorrow I will be at Grove Park community library doing workshops about healthy eating and magic with children (will let you know how that goes) and on Saturday will be doing the same at Sydenham community library.
During the week I will be talking more about coping with food intolerances and more on Coeliac Disease. See you then.

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