Sunday, 14 August 2011

Natural products with B

B is for Badger. There are two items by Badger that I buy and use and they are lipsalves and cuticle care ointment.

Lip balm sticks come in various scents and I have tried ginger, orange and lavender. Out of the three I prefer orange as I like citrus smells best. The lavender isn't so nice though.
Where to get them: You can buy them either from Sheel's at Lewisham, or So Organic at Greenwich.
Price: £2.49 each.
They also do lipbalms in a tin which costs a bit more at £3.99.
Green: The cover of the lipbalm sticks are made of plastic no 5, which I can recycle at my local Sainsbury's mixed plastic banks. So rating is 4/5.

Cuticle care ointment comes in tin pots. They last a long time and is easy to use.
Where to get them: the same as lipbalm sticks.
Price: £3.99
Green: 5/5, as they are made of tin, the same as tin fruits etc, so you can recycle them at home. Yay.

I like both of these, esp the lipbalm sticks, so will keep using those as they last a long time and come in different scents. Might buy the vanilla one next.

Next week will be out recycling again and not healthy eating as the rota goes but I will explain why then.

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